Hoke Designs Dynamic Forms: Unleashing Unlimited Potential

With Hoke Designs Dynamic Forms Service, we offer an unmatched form creation and management experience designed to elevate your online interaction to new heights. Our solution encapsulates a broad range of functionalities, making it the most versatile option for any business or organization looking to optimize their online forms.

Advanced field types and customization.

Our service allows for the creation of forms with advanced fields, including file uploads, multi-page forms, and conditional logic. This enables a tailored user experience, ensuring that forms are as straightforward or complex as needed by the user.

Seamless integrations.

Connect your forms with a variety of services and applications seamlessly. Whether you’re integrating with email marketing tools, payment gateways, CRM platforms, or other web services, our dynamic forms facilitate automated workflows and efficient data management.

Introducing Form Builder

Creating forms is a breeze with our versatile tools, offering both ready-made templates and fully customizable designs for reaching your goals.

Accessibility and Compliance

With Hoke Designs Forms, you’re set for success. Ensure inclusivity with WCAG 2.0 AA-compliant forms, leaving no user behind.

Enhance Usage with Save & Continue

Increase completion rates by allowing users to save their progress and return to forms at their convenience.

Simplify Long Forms with Pagination

Enhance user engagement and usability by breaking extensive forms into multiple pages.

Adaptability with Responsive Design

From big screens to small, iOS to Android, our forms seamlessly adapt to any device or resolution.

Seamless Form Import Functionality

Create new forms swiftly or safeguard your work with easy import and export features.

Dynamic Content with Merge Tags

Inject dynamism into notifications, post content, user profiles, and more by populating fields with dynamic information using merge tags.

Data Management

Easily gather, organize, and safeguard your data with Hoke Designs Forms, streamlining your workflow while ensuring data security and integrity.

Email Logic

Smoothly manage form notifications and confirmations based on user choices and conditional logic.

Field Validation

Ensure data accuracy by implementing field validation settings, reducing erroneous submissions.

Partial Entries

Capture valuable data from users who initiate but abandon form submissions, optimizing conversion strategies.

Dynamic Field Values

Enhance user experience by dynamically populating form fields, simplifying the submission process.


Interact effortlessly with your audience to collect valuable insights and analyze trends.

Digital Signatures

Enable electronic signing for enhanced authentication and legal compliance.


Experience boundless possibilities in online payment management with Hoke Designs Forms.

Discount Codes

Easily create and administer personalized discount codes to automate user discounts.

Automated Payments

Seamlessly handle subscriptions and recurring payments with automated processes tailored to your chosen payment platform.

PCI Compliant

In the realm of PCI compliance, our forms play a crucial role, addressing key requirements and bolstering data security measures significantly.

Ensuring Security

When it comes to data collection on your website, our comprehensive form solution prioritizes security.

GDPR Compliance

Our service provides tools to manage personal data and validate user consent for third-party feeds, ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations.

Google reCAPTCHA v2 & v3

Protect against spam and bot intrusions with support for both Google reCAPTCHA v2 and v3.

Anti-Spam Measures

Thwart bots effectively using an anti-spam honeypot or integrate with Akismet for robust data protection.

Get ready to launch.

Craft stunning and robust forms from the ground up, or jumpstart your process with our range of pre-built templates.

Enhanced user experience with visual enhancements.

Transform your forms with image choices, replacing standard radio buttons and checkboxes with visually appealing images. Our service includes design features that not only make your forms look good but also enhance the user experience, encouraging higher engagement and completion rates.

Complex functionality made simple.

Handle complex operations like conditional pricing, live calculations, and form submission limitations with ease. Our solution simplifies the creation of custom forms tailored to specific business requirements, whether for booking, registration, lead capture, or any other need.

Data display and manipulation.

Display form submissions on your website’s front end with ease, perfect for creating directories, job listings, event calendars, and more. Allow users to edit their submissions directly on the website, ensuring that the information remains accurate and current.

Professional PDF generation.

Automatically generate and send beautifully formatted PDFs based on form submissions. Whether for reports, invoices, or any other document type, our solution ensures that your PDFs reflect your brand’s identity with custom designs and templates.

Display Entries with Ease & Confidence

Efficiently showcasing entries with confidence, our service empowers users to navigate through data seamlessly, enhancing productivity and professionalism with ease.

Why Choose Hoke Designs Dynamic Forms Service?

Our Dynamic Forms Service is designed to provide everything your business needs from an online form solution — flexibility, functionality, aesthetics, and security. By choosing Hoke Designs, you’re not just getting a form builder; you’re investing in a comprehensive service that will transform how you collect and manage data, engage with your audience, and automate your workflows.

Elevate your online presence with Hoke Designs Dynamic Forms Service, the ultimate solution for creating dynamic and interactive forms. Contact us today to discover how we can help you build forms that not only meet your needs but also exceed your expectations.