When You Choose to go With HokeDesigns, You Will Gain Access to Our Extensive Analytics Services

Get an overview of:

  • The total number of users

  • User visit duration

  • Time of day that users tend to visit

  • Current active users

  • Most commonly accessed pages by current users

Gain insight into the ways that users are accessing your site through search engines, referrals, links, etc. Additionally, find out geographically where your site is being most commonly accessed from in order to more aptly target your products at consumers.

Find out what pages on your website get the most hits, and what trends or behaviors your users exhibit while visiting your site!

Figure out how well you retain users over time in order to develop strategic efforts for improving long term customer relations. In addition, you’ll be able to figure out what type of devices your site is most frequently accessed from and develop content more suited towards those users.

Speed and ease of use are the name of the game when it comes to analytics. Understand the breakdown of your users more easily with graphs and tables of every sort through our analytics plugin.

Take an in-depth look at mobile statistics and see exactly what type of device your website is being accessed from, and how those access points change over time.

With our analytics plugin, you will even be able to see which browsers users are accessing your site with. This allows you to more easily optimize your site for the majority of your users. In addition to browser tracking, this plugin lets you see the average time spent on your site per browser.

See a visual representation of how your site is measuring up against the competition with the page speed analysis section of our plugin. Here you can view page load times and how your website is performing on the different browsers.