By Choosing HokeDesigns, you Will Benefit From Monthly Website Health Reports

An overview of all of the routine checks for website stability, health, updates, and uptime is provided at the front of every website health report. This will allow you to quickly analyze how your website has been performing on a monthly basis and assess any areas of concern.

Our monthly website health report also informs you on all the updates to plugins, themes, and more currently active on your site. This allows the customer to track any changes to software installed on their site and if issues occur, roll back updates to a former stable version.

We also track the optimization status on your webpage. You’ll be able to see exactly how much database overhead has been cleaned and how many post revisions have been made all in the name of improving performance on your site.

Backups are an integral part of having a secure and stable website. Our monthly report will inform you of all restore points available for your website and the most recent backup for your site in case something were to go wrong.

Uptime is the name of the game when trying to have a successful website for your business. When trying to get the word out there about whatever service you are providing, having a website with a strong uptime performance is key. With our monthly report you’ll be able to see statistics for your websites uptime and pinpoint any downtime issues.

If you’re looking to get an edge over the competition, analytics is a great way to start. With our monthly reports you will receive a breakdown of important stats like page views, how many pages each visitor viewed on average, and how many unique visitors your site is receiving.

While it is often an overlooked element of having a successful website, security is direly important. In the modern era, there are millions of hackers and phishing programs constantly attempting to crack into websites. As part of the monthly report you’ll be able to see our power-packed security packages in effect. With this you can see how many security scans have been completed total, as well as the most recent with results.

Wondering how your site is measuring up? We give you a break down of your site’s performance through page load times and compare those in a grading system against other pages on the web.

Search Engine Optimization allows the customer to rank higher in the search results for search engines. With our optimization you can literally place yourself at the front of the pack. Our monthly report gives a breakdown of your site’s visibility as time goes on and who your competitors are.

Our eCommerce platform allows customers to seamlessly integrate selling products into their website. Track these sales in our monthly reports through statistics on sales, and provided graphs.