Our plugin does not store signed documents on an ftp server.  Security is a HUGE concern of ours too.

The signatures, custom input fields, document data and audit trail events are all encrypted and stored in very strategic (and different) locations in your database.  The contract itself is not stored on your ftp server (for security reasons).

While our plugin supports/generates PDF documents of a completed contract it does so only on demand.  Which means a signer must have THEIR unique signer invitation url.  And the document sender user MUST be logged in to download the PDF.

If a WordPress administrator were to so much as attempt to unecrypt any data and change a period to a comma in your database it would literally break the entire document and throw an “error document not found” message.

We pride ourselves in security and invest heavily in doing everything we can to protect our users and their signers (certainly more so than most WordPress plugins).

What happens to a signed document:
Once the document has been digitally signed the document contents are encrypted and stored in your database (read about the document security here).  The document can be downloaded a few different ways:

1. Document Sender E-Signature Dashboard lets you download archived documents as PDF’s
2. All parties involved receive an email with a link to the document (where they can download as PDF or print the document)
3. Attach PDF to email add-on (business license) automatically attaches a PDF of the document to the confirmation email
4. Dropbox Sync Add-on (business license) automatically syncs signed PDF’s to a dropbox account