A Bit About Us

Hoke Designs is locally owned and operated in beautiful Juneau, Alaska by Anna and Hayden Hoke. The company started off designing websites in 2007 and quickly realized there was a need for graphic design, photography, and marketing packages. The business has grown and offers an array of services, including video editing, drone video and photography, and hosting as well as those services listed above. As a local company we understand the important of using local businesses to support the local economy, and also appreciating our clients because we understand that our business would not be possible without them. We enjoy being flexible in our work and tailoring what we do to fit the needs of our customers.

Meet The Team

We love our Hoke Designs Team! We enjoy working together as a team and value each member’s different skill set and expertise.

Hayden Hoke

Meet Hayden, Lead Developer

Hayden has been developing websites since grade school, first as a representative of the school and later moving on to doing it professionally. He also was the head Webmaster for two newspapers before moving on to become the manager of telecommunications at the State of Alaska for its voice, video and data networks. He is in charge of all telecommunications for all Agencies for the State of Alaska government throughout the state. His passion is for developing unique and functional websites to improve the user experience in ways they may never have thought possible.

Anna Hoke  |  Owner & Lead Designer

Anna has been designing and creating all of her life. She started as an art major at UAF, which lead to her first graphic design job making university banners and posters. Since then, she has designed professionally for 15 years and has jobs spanning from Managing Designer at two newspapers to starting and solely running a lifestyle magazine. Her passion for design leads her to creating music videos, logos, flyers, movie posters, websites and photography in her spare time. When she’s not creating art, she enjoys soccer, hiking, and exploring the beauty of Alaska and beyond. 

Anna Hoke

Patrick Hoke

Meet Patrick  |  Lead Programmer

Patrick has a Computer Science Degree from Hamilton College. Patrick has been a programmer for 5 years for the State of Alaska and has been programming privately for over a decade. He also worked as a graphic designer for a local newspaper. He has a published APP in the Apple Store, lived and  programed in Japan for Rakuten. He is currently living in Juneau, Alaska

Billy Holbrook  |  Programming Engineer

Billy attended college  at Western Washington University, graduating in 2016 and obtaining a Computer Science Degree. He is an avid hockey player and played on his University’s hockey team. Billy has programed an APP for a regional helicopter company, Era, and is working on several more. He has also worked in Knoxville, Tennessee and Baltimore, Maryland as a computer programer.

Billy Holbrook

Zander Hoke

Zander Hoke  |  Customer Relations

Zander graduated from Ithaca College in New York with a Pre Law Degree in 2016. He is currently interning at a local law firm and preparing to enter Law School. In his spare time he likes to play hockey, soccer and softball.

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